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Cold Stamping Foil


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Main characteristics

  • Medium to fine definition with consistent release

  • Suitale for a wide range of substrates

  • Good adhesion on most of coated papers and some UV varnishes

  • Suitable for high speed stamping machines in the graphics industry

  • Suitable for micro embossing jobs


Plain papers, printed papers, coated papers, some UV varnishes,  embossed papers,  PP/PE/PVC labels, and PET/OPP laminates.

Recommended applications

Wine and spirit boxes, labels, cigarette packages, cosmetic packaging boxes, greeting cards other applications in graphics industry.,

Relevant equipment

Vertical, Clam-shell ,Cylinder and Rotary machines

Operating hints

  • Vertical, platen and clam-shell machines: 90℃ - 120℃

  • Cylinder machines: 120℃ - 150℃

  • Rotary machines: 180°C - 230℃

  • Adjusting a higher speed or lower temperature to get the fine line definition

  • Ensure that the Die surface is clean

  • Ensure that ink on the substrate (if any) is dry before stamping


Gold/Matte Gold, Silver/Matte Silver and dark shades are available, please check color chart

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